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Who has time to waste on a website? 


Not us, and not you.


Here is a cheat sheet for this website:


1. This site is designed to tell you a few things: who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It is designed to provide a first step in a due diligence courtship.


2. The longest sections are our "practice areas". These provide a bit of discussion on specific areas of depth where we feel we can add strong value to a client. They are not exhaustive. We are often asked, "Can you work outside your practice areas?" 


The answer is a resounding "Yes". They are more themes that track our intellectual efforts to quantify and contribute to the marketplace as a whole, but we are not limited by them. In fact, we've done plenty of "one off" jobs in which we were highly effective and had a great time. Essentially, if we feel we can make a strong proposition to add value to your company, project, or investment, we'll tell you. If not, we will enthusiastically recommend someone who can (if possible). But we will not lead you on either way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We GLADLY donate our time to discuss your situation with you--it's our passion. 

3. Regarding counsel-based relationships: the responsibility of offering counsel to executives and directors is something we approach with great seriousness and rigor. In fact, it is the core of what we offer to an organization over time. We don't fly in from the outside, assume we know best, drop a document, and fly away. We find that the organizations we work with are very intelligent, and often have good instincts within their industry. Counsel-based relationships give the ability for objective analysis, review, and suggestions toward best practice in designing the management systems of the organization.


Put simply, it is a partnership between executives and their counsel. Think of us more like a Chief Strategy Officer for hire, except that we allow the credit for our work to accrue to our clients, and we consider the organization's success as our chief priority (instead of worrying about our own career trajectories inside of the company itself). 


4. Yes, on a dare, we attempted to summarize this entire site into six words. See: SHORT version


5. We have a few alliance partners that we send work to. This isn't because we cannot help (often we serve as a liaison or in a support role) or that we do not want to help. If we recommend you to someone else, it is because we believe they are as good as it gets. Sincerely. Who gives up a job? We do. IF we believe our recommendation warrants it. 

6. Regarding ethics: we believe in following the strictest ethical standards in our work. Management work can be sensitive by nature, and even more, it is not uncommon to find unethical actions as we dig into an organization over time. We will be happy to help uncover these problems and to develop new systems to prevent future issues. We will not, however, work to build or perpetuate unethical projects or methodologies. It is our duty to build valuable organizations the right way. 


7. Want a quick number to contact a founder with questions or comments? 720.722.0080. Please don't waste our time with spam or solicitation calls. But if you have a real question or comment and want to connect straight to someone who can do something about it, call the number provided. We'd be happy to do whatever we can to assist you. 

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